0.8.1 released (121 comments)

Added by Lance Albertson almost 5 years ago

We are pleased to announce the release of Ganeti Web Manager 0.8.1.

This bugfix release addresses several problems introduced by newer versions of DJango and Pip.

Fixes include:

The 0.8.1 release tarball can be found at:

Or via git at:

git clone git://

As usual, please let us know if you find any problems with this release.

0.8 Released (88 comments)

Added by Lance Albertson about 5 years ago

The release/0.8 branch has been merged into master, and the Ganeti Web Manager 0.8 tarball is now available!

Here are some of the notable changes that have come to Ganeti Web Manager 0.8:
  • VM Templates
  • Multiple Disks and Nics for VM Creation
  • 'No Install' option for VM Creation
  • CDROM2 Image Path for KVM
  • User auto-complete for all username fields
  • Rework and stabilisation of Jobs
  • User registration is now optional
  • CPU info added to node list and detail pages
  • Ability to replace disks for a VM on DRBD clusters
  • Cached AJAX calls
  • Unified json package use (django.utils.simplejson)
  • Reduced name collisions with directory reorganizing
  • Cache refresh migration moved to post_migrate hook
  • Unified use of CSRF tokens

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