Welcome to the OSU Open Source Lab projects site! This hosts many internal open source projects we have created here at the lab.

Ganeti Web Manager

Ganeti Web Manager is a Django based web application that allows administrators and clients access to their ganeti clusters. It includes a permissions and quota system that allows administrators to grant access to both clusters and virtual machines. It also includes user groups for structuring access to organizations.


Protein Geometry Database is a specialized search engine for protein geometry. It allows you to explore either protein conformation or protein covalent geometry or
the correlations between protein conformation and bond angles and lengths.

Django Tools

The Open Source Lab is working on several utilities, apps, and middlewares that can be used to quickly add functionality to a Django project

Django Object Permissions

This is an implementation of Object Permissions, a.k.a. row level permissions. Object Permissions allow you to assign a permission to an instance of any Model in your django project. This app provides a authentication backend that works with Django >= 1.2.

Django Object Log

This app provides the ability to log user actions on model instances. Action types can be defined by app developers, and can reference multiple objects. Each action type defines it's own template used for rendering output of the message. It allows verbose messages specific to the action that occurred.